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Life Skills And Training

Skills to enable independent living

To provide skills training to underprivileged women enabling them to earn an independent living and provide a sustainable pathway out of poverty.

To help adolescent boys and girls from Busiika-Namuganja in Luwero to receive suitable and comprehensive training, leading to a job with a reasonable salary.

To facilitate the provision of life-skills, vocational and technical training courses.

Offer supports services to enable students to take part in courses, such as child care, nutrition and educational sponsorship.

To develop processes to enable women to contribute to the family income, through income generation projects and by developing self-help groups.

To develop self-confidence and individual potential.

Bato currently trains women tailoring and garment design

Trades We Train

Hair Dressing & Beauty
Basic Computer Skills
Catering & Hospitality
Video & Photography

Life skills
And Training